Nazir Ismail Syrian Artist - Damascus 1948 His works are found in the National Museum of Damascus, the Syrian Ministry of Culture, the Syrian Presidential Palace, Arab Museum of Modern Art Qatar, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, The Royal Society of Fine Arts and many Galleries and private collections Around the world. No artist is more loyal to his individuality, his feelings, his agony, his tears, and his joy like Nazir Ismail. In his work, Ismail combines expressionism and surrealism to describe his feelings; depicting the frozen cultural, social, and political atmosphere that he sees around him - defeat, losses, confusion, conversations, bitterness, people with no refuge and clusters of faces projecting their inner anxiety. Welcome Cases of loneliness, isolation, misery, and agony wrapped with silence sometimes and sorrow other times. © Nazir Ismail Official Web page  2013 Nazir Ismail Website. MTC IT.