Nazir Ismail Website. Three Exhibitions in Kazah Gallery A massive number of faces are on the walls  of Gallery Kazah in a wonderful  experience of four Syrian artists, Edward Shouhada, Hsco Hsco, Nazir Ismail, and sculptor Mustafa Ali, in addition to the exhibition leading art Syrian portrait Nazir Ismail exhibiting his private collection of Syrian portraitures . Gallery Kazah on Friday 19 March 2010 continuing until April 3, 2010. Exhibitions © Nazir Ismail Official Web page  2013 MTC IT. Syrian group exhibition in Zurich Opened today an exhibition of three Syrian artists from different generations in the city of Zurich on 29 May 2010, will be held in the Gallery Across Border «Across Border» Gallery plastic celebrate the experiences of Syria for each of the artists Nazir Ismail, Walid al-Agha, Yasir net, under the title « Contemporary art from Damascus »in parallel with the joint exhibition of the artist Fine Japanese Tsuchiya and Toshiya Kobayashi Kobayashi Swiss sculptor Carlo Carlo Borer Borer entitled« clouds ». Nazir Ismail in Art on 56th Gallery Beirut, Lebanon 56th Youssef Hayeck Str, Gemmayzeh From Monday March 25, 2013 starting 6 pm Exhibition from March 25, 2013 to April 12, 2013.