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No artist is more loyal to his individuality, his feelings, his agony, his tears, and his joy like Nazir Ismail.

                           TARRAB Joseph - Lorient-Le Jour  2003

Nazir Ismail
- Syrian Artist,
- Born and died in Damascus ( 17- Feb 1948 until 12- Oct 2016 ).
- Participated in all public exhibitions held by the Ministry of Culture in Syria since 1966.
- More than 62 personal exhibitions in “ Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Dubai, Paris, Poitiers, Sharjah, Doha, Geneva, Vienna... “
- Retrospective exhibition of work from 1969 - 1996 at the Goethe Institute in Damascus.
- Hundreds participations of group exhibitions around the world.
- A full-time Artist since in 1987.
- His works are sold in the world’s prestigious auction houses like Christie's and Ayyam auctions.

Prizes :
- Third prize at Young Artists 1971 - Damascus.
- The Antrgravek Award - Berlin 1980.
- Third prize in Sharjah Biennial 1996

An interview with Nazir Ismail on the Syrian TV.
In Arabic -  14-11-2012.

An interview with Nazir Ismail on the Syrian TV.
In Arabic - 20-09-2008


Fifty Three Years of Nazir Ismail

Art on 56th is showing the retrospective exhibition celebrating the career and oeuvre of the late contemporary artist Nazir Ismail. In honour of the third anniversary of his passing.


Nazir Ismail at Atassi Foundation 

Ismail depicts the human face in such a manner that expresses his artistic view. The density of his style is symbolic. In his work, faces are embedded with this surrounding without burdening paintings with colour groups.


Samer Kozah Gallery featuring Nazir ismail in Beirut Art-Fair 

Samer Kozah Gallery featured Nazir Ismail's Artworks with other Syrian Artists in BEIRUT ART FAIR 2019.


8 Sep 2003                           

Lorient Le-Jour

L’art de Nazir Ismail, tout d’abréviations et d’élisions, fait de ses papiers et de ses cahiers polyptiques une sorte d’inventaire entomologique de l’étouffement, de la désespérance, de l’absence d’avenir.

12 Apr 2019

A Retrospective Exhibition Honouring Artist Nazir Ismail

Nazir Ismail’s paintings and works on paper represent explorations of human emotions. His works primarily portray elongated faces, set in flat, compressed spaces. The artist used colour to produce detail and to express a range of feelings. He created clusters in his compositions, drawing the viewer to examine the surface as a whole and absorb the plethora of sensibilities.

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